Institutional Development

Institution building is being one of the key strategies of the Organisation, its got priority at every level of implementation of development projects in target villages. Be it any program, the Institutions are promoted by involving the stakeholders of that particular program. These institutions are motivated and nurtured to the extent of taking decisions independently and undertaking of any advocacy issues with Government with regard to accessing their rights and entitlements. In the journey of nearly one decade, the organization has come across promotion of different need driven CBOs viz, Common Livelihood Interest Groups (CLIGs), Farmer Clubs, Children Groups, Women Groups, Youth clubs, Project Monitoring Committees (PMCs), Village Development Committees (VDCs), and NTFP Collectors Groups, Srama Shakthi Sanghas (SSSs) of NREGS Program, and Federation of SSS under NREGs program, Village level Task force committees in disaster preparedness & management etc. These CBOs are oriented on different tools like Participatory Situation Analysis (PSA) & PRA.