Aims & Objectives

The prime aims and objectives of Village Renewal Organisation which are open to all irrespective of caste, religion, and sex are:

  1. To build the local capacity and strengthen the institutional development and sustainability of small enterprises and local institutions in the areas include water management, sustainable land use, information and technology, agricultural and rural development, women’s development, teaching advocacy skills, engaging in decision-making process and strengthen civil society.
  1. To facilitate programs on legal rights awareness for women, gender equity, self-help group formations, trainings, rights of Dalits, disadvantaged children, tribal people, persons with disability, homeless people and people living with HIV/AIDS.
  1. To undertake rural developmental projects like setting up village based banks, providing loans to improve agricultural activity, women’s savings and micro-credit schemes, women’s health programs, organic farming, and campaigning for land reforms.
  1. To provide financial aid to children and families in need as well as relief, rehabilitation and development to underprivileged communities in times of natural calamities and common. To provide education to children that leads to get dignified employment
  1. To fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS by helping to develop community action through information and education and providing financial support to the infected and affected families include children for their sustainable economic development.
  1. To facilitate and undertake developmental programs in impoverished communities that includes: healthcare and health education, water supply and sanitation, housing, education and literacy, programs for women’s rights and women’s leadership, development of community leadership, vocational skills training for alternative income generation, agriculture, ecologically sustainable development and environment education.
  1. To undertake sustainable developmental programs in food security and agricultural sector like organic farming, extension education via village agricultural leaders in improved techniques, income-increasing activities, and formation of agricultural co-ops for improved storage and marketing.
  1. To involve in protection, regeneration and sustainable management of forests by facilitating local environmental issues. To help building community capacities to restore degraded forest ecosystems, formulate resource management plans and develop new partnerships with Communities and Government which result in more equitable and sustainable forest use.
  1. To serve as a catalyst for lasting, positive change for low to moderate-income families/groups by providing practical, innovative development assistance, helping improve economic and livelihood conditions, infrastructure and the environment.
  1. To assist the young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to become productive and provide support for non-formal education programs that focus primarily on the needs of children at risk, such as street children, child labors, AIDS orphans, girls and other vulnerable groups of children.
  1. To provide emergency food, clothing, medical supplies, equipment and care to suffering families, children and their rights in times of disasters.
  1. To promote community health care i.e. the formation of community health committees, and the training of committee members and community health workers and to undertake community health programs.
  1. To undertake and promote agricultural based activities like agro-forestry systems, appropriate agricultural technologies, crop production systems, income generating activities, integrated pest management, INM, livestock health and insurance, livestock production, and plant genetic resource conservation and management.
  1. To provide financial support to organizations of disabled people for promotion of equal opportunities, independent living, human rights and for their economic self-sufficiency through Community Based Rehabilitation approach.
  1. To setup training, demonstration and learning centers for research, planning and evaluation of the projects and the programs.
  1. In addition to the above objectives VRO is at liberty to carryout those activities considered to be useful for the welfare of the community as a whole in future.